The Buying Process

  • Calling Cubes Residential
    Telephone, email or come in for a chat
  • Mortgage
    Agree your finances
  • Viewings
    Choose within your selected area we shall make appointments to suit you
  • Place an offer
    On your desired property
  • Instruct a Solicitor
    This has to be in place once an offer is agreed
  • Agreed Sale
    Start the process
  • Drafting a Contract
    Your solicitor will receive documentation from the vendors solicitor
  • Local Searches
    Applied by your solicitor through the local council
  • Carrying out a Survey
    Carried out either by the lender or privately or both
  • Contract Approval
    By the legal representative
  • Formal Mortgage Offer
    From the lender, confirmation that the mortgage has been agreed
  • Sign Contract
    Go to solicitor and sign on the dotted line and pay deposit
  • Exchange of Contracts
    Now that everything is legal you should now know  your moving in date
  • Completion
    Taking possession of your new home